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speak. it is a site similar to that of the president. >> you may remember last year bobby gendle governor of louisiana, he seemed to be walking out of the a closest. we have them here right now. it fell flat. they want their own state of the union. >> governor mcdonnell with the republican response. >> thank you. good evening. i am bob mcdonnell. len days ago, i was honored to be sworn in as 71st governor of virginia. i am standing in the historic house chamber of virginia's capitol. a building designed by virginia's second governor, thomas jefferson. it is not easy to follow the president of the united states. in my 18 year old twin boys added pressure to me by giving me 10 minutes to finish before they leave to go watch sports center. i am joined by fellow
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virginiians to share a public perspective on how best to challenges of our nation today. we were encouraged to hear president obama speak this evening about the need to create jobs. all americans should have the opportunity to find and keep meaningful work and the dignity that comes with it. [applause] many of us here tonight and many of you watching have family or friends that lost their jobs. in fact, one this 10 americans is unemployed. that is unacceptable. here in virginia we face our highest unemployment rate in 25 years and bringing new jobs
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and more opportunities to our citizens is t top priorities of my administration. good government policiless should spur economic growth and the responsibility of the private sector to have new jobs. we must have policies that promote entrepreneur ship and innovation so that america can better compete with the world. the government shouldn't pile on more taxation and litigation that killed jobs and hurt the middle class. it was thomas jefferson who call would for a wise and frugal government which should leave men free to go to their pursuits of industry and not take from the mouth of labor the bread they have earned. he was right. today the federal government
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is simply doing too much. massive federal spending would create jobs and hold unemployment below 8 percent. in the past year three million people lost their jobs and the democratic congress continued spend increasing the national debt on our children and grandchildren. it is on pace to double in five years and trip nel 10. the federal debt is over 100,000 per household it is simply unsustainable. the president's partial freeze on discreationary spending is laudable step but a small one. the is shes was our time demand that we reconsider and restore the proper role of government in every level. government in every level. [applause]
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withoutriform - without reform the expressive government threatens our liberty and prosperit. american people have made clear they want government leader to lin and act on the issues important to them. we want results and not rhetoric and cooperation and not partisanship. not partisanship. [applause] all americans agree we need health care system that is affordable and high quality. most americans don't want to turn over the best medical care system in the world to the federal government. republicans in congress offered legislation to reform health care without shifting medicaid cost to the states
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and cutting medicare and raising taxes. we'll do that by implement common sense reforms. letting bying health care . ending 45 lows lawsuits of hospitals that drive up health cost. our solutions are not thousand page bills that no one read after being crafted behind closed doors with special interests. our proposals are available on . we welcome your ideas on fates book and twitter. all americans agree that this nation must become more energy independent and secure. we are blessed here in america with vast natural resources and we must use them all. advances in technology can unleash more gnarl gas and nuclear wind and coal and alternative energy that lower
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utility bills. here in virginia we have the opportunity to be the first state on the east coast to explore and oil and natural explore and oil and natural gas off shore. you this administration policies are delaying off shore production and hindering nuclear expansion and seeking to impose job and cap and trade energy taxings. now is the time to adopt policiless that create jobs and lower energy prices. [applause] all americans agree that a
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young person needs a world class education to compete in the global economy. as a young kid my dad told me son if you want a good job you need a good education. dad was rights and that is even more true today. the president and i agree on expanding high number of charter schools and rewarding teachers for excellent performance. that means more accountable and greater achievement. a child's educational opportunity should be determined by her iellect and work ethic and not by her zip code. zip code. [applause] all americans agree that we must maintain a strong
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national defense. the courage and success of our armed fores is allowing us to draw down troop levels in iraq as that government is increasingly able to step up. my oldest daughter janine was a army platoon leader in iraq and am personally grateful of the service and sacrifice of our men and women in uniform in ouration . thanks. we applaud president obama's decision to deploy 30,000 more troop to stan tan. we agree that victory there is imperative for national security. but we have serious concerns over the recent steps that the administration has taken regardingly suspected terrorist. americans were shocked on christmas day to learn of the attempted bombing of a flight to detroit.
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this foreign terrorist suspect was given the same legalerate -s of a u.s. citizen and stopped providing intelligence. scott brown said we should be spending taxpayer dollars to defeat terrorist, not to protect them. [applause] here at home, government has to foster society in which people can use god begin talents to pursue the american dream. republicans know that government cannot guarantee individual outcomes, but we strongly believe that it must guarantee a quality opportunity for all. that opportuni exists best in a democracy that promotes free enterprise and economic growth and strong familis and
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individual achievement. many americans are concerned about this's effort to exert greatest control over car companis and banks and energy and health care. but overregulating employersingly not create more employment and tax investment. top down decision making shouldn't replacement personal choices of free people in a free market and undermine the proper role ofitate and local governments in our system of federalism. our founders clearly state we governors clearly understand. government closest to the people governs best. people governs best. [applause]
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and no government program can ever replace the actions of caring americans, freely choogs to help oning another. the scripture sas to whom much is given much is required. the prosperous nation on earth. it is heart warming to see americans giving time and money to haiti. thank you for your ongoing compassion. [applause] some people say they are afraid that america is no longer the great land of promise she has always been. they should not be. america will always blaze a trail of opportunity and prosperity. america must always be a land where liberty and property are value respected and innocent human life is protected.
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government should have this clear goal. where opportunity is absent create it opportunity is limited we must expand it. opportunity is unequal. we must make it open to everne. [applause] our founders placed their lives, their fortunes and sacrit honor to create the great nation . we should pledge as democrat republicans and independents americans all to work together to lead this nation in a better place than we found it god bless you and god bless this great land of america. thank you very much. [applause]
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>> virginia governor bob mcdonnell in the state house of the common wealth of virginia delivering the republican response to the president's state of the union address . this continues on fox news channel and satellite and capple. a recap at fox
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how can we see this increase fares when metro has serious accidents and incidents. >> reporter: metro laid out the plan to fill the gap of the $41 million short fall. the raised prices raised concern. >> i'd rather see it happen once than two times in a year. why are we right back in this room, at this point talking about budgetary problems, safety problems? >> reporter: metro is looking
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at four problems including closing stations. >> i don't have a car. if they eliminate these services i won't be able to get around. >> if you change hours you'll cripple my business. >> the metro board meets tomorrow to make the final decision. any fare increase would go into effect march 1st and last till the end of june. brian -- winter weather making yet another comeback. this time could be talking snow. down from the fox weather center to tell us more. >> we're pretty confident whatever we get will be snow when it rolls into town. let me show you the the storm now we're tracking. it will give you idea of what we're talking about. it's basically in the dessert southwest. it's making slow and steady progress toward the the east.
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it looks to arrive here late friday night, not during the i did. -- during the day at all. we're still 48 48 hours out. we can't nail down totals. model trends from the last two days have been taking heavy snow threat to the south of dc. may have still be in virginia. does not look like big snow for dc. our question, can we continue to trust the trends? i give it one more day and 4 hours before the storm is expected to hit. we're going to watch that closely. at this point we know very cold air will be in place. snow we get will be powdery and will last through a portion of the day saturday. coming up with our main weather, i'll try to nail down where i think the heavy band of snow will be setting up.
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i'll have the model guides to show you a little later. thank you. a missing ends to the search for a virginia tech student. tonight police are on the hunt for a killer. >> this is not a random place someone came upon accidentally. >> her parents say may have killed morgan and dumped her body in a field. how police say a suspect pulled off the crime. more trouble for toyota. the auto maker issuing another recall an hour ago. we have what you need to know coming up. dreams are amazing things. and in hard times, sometimes, a belief in a dream,
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a belief in what is possible - can transform everything. at at&t, we've never forgotten that our company began in a small laboratory, with a dream and a belief, in the future. today, our wired and wireless high speed internet networks are connecting small businesses across america - in cities and small towns - to markets around the world. we know that investment in broadband high speed internet can create hundreds of thousands of new american jobs. small businesses are being formed - dreams are being launched - and real jobs are being created. at at&t, we're investing billions to upgrade and build out our wired and wireless networks. now is not the time to stall momentum or to stifle innovation or investment. dreams, and jobs, and the future are at ske. at at&t, the future, are at ske. at at&t, the future, has always been our business. at&t... your world... delivered. it's so hard to choose one. you know, during the sign then drive event, you can get a cc, tiguan or
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fuel efficient jetta for practically just your signature. you can get scheduled maintenance at no cost. there's got to be more to it than that... i'll never doubt you again.
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